About A1

A1 Athletic Facility is Canada’s largest indoor sports dome that provides low income families and people from all walks of life every tool necessary to optimize their performance in Soccer, Football and other sports.  The A1 Team will assist student athletes to prepare for the level of their choice and can assist with the return to sports following a major injury. Our Performance Specialists have the knowledge and passion to coach you towards your goal whether that be recreational, varsity or professional.  


Our Goal

Our goal is simple:
Become the Ultimate Home for Athletes

Our Approach

A1AF is focused on providing affordable pricing for low income families to help grow talented athletic children in a high-performance setting

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a space that will alleviate the bottlenecks in facility rentals across the city and provide athletes and citizens a space to train and perform in working towards their personal or athletic goals.

The Right Solution

Many associations in Edmonton have expressed the need to have more indoor field space during the winter months. A1AF will not only be a solution to this existing problem in our city but will also create a high-performance environment that a variety of people in Edmonton and surrounding areas can use.

State Of The Art Facilities

We are giving our clients a high-performance facility equipped with pro-grade artificial turf, affordable pricing, and a high-performance gym rather than a leisure center. We will surround kids with athletes who can prepare them for university level sports, while offering a sponsorship program for kids who are unable to pay for the facility.

Competitive Advantage

A1AF has access to video technology that no other sports facility in Edmonton is using. This technology allows our athletes to record and showcase their skills for universities and colleges that they are interested in attending. It gives coaches and scouts an early look at the players strengths to help with the recruiting process.

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